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Vol. 51, nº 5-6 november 2005

Unesco Institute for Education – Hamburg


Introduction 381


Europäisches bewusstsein: zur definition eines cielschichtigen befriffes und seiner bildungstheoretischen bedeutung. Solvejg jobst 385

Education in Europe and muslim demands for competitive and moral education. Holger Daum and Reza Arjmand 403

Evaluating the implementation of an olymbic education program in Greece. Vasilios grammatikopoulos, Nikolaos Tsigilis, Athanasios Koustelios and Yannis Theodorakis 427

Group-work in primary education: an analysis of textbooks in Spain. Mariangeles de la Caba Collado and Rafael Lopez Atxurra 439

Initial and further education: substitutes or complements? Differences in continuing education and training over the life-course of european workers. Maartn H.J. Wolbers 459

Illiterates in South Africa: who ar they and what motivates then to participate in literacy campaigns?. Solomon Sibiya and Linda van Rooyen 479

Increasing access and participation of pastoralist communities in primary education in Kenya. Daniel N. Sifuna 499

Research note: comparative and international course archive project (CIECAP). Kathleen M. Stone 517

Practice note: an international dimension in practice teaching. Phoebe Nilsen 525

Book reviews

Bray, Mark and Ramsey Koo (eds.). 2004. Education and society in Jong Kong and Macao: compartative perspectives on continuity and change (Wolfgang Mitter) 533

Cantrell, General G. And G.L. Cantrell. 2003. Teachers teaching teachers. Wit, Wisdom and Whimsey for Troubled Times (Graciela Cordero Arroyo) 353

Hazoumê, Marc-Laurent. 2004. Désentraver l’alphabétisation. Plaidoyer pour une vision politique de sa promotion/unshackling literacy. A Plea for a political vision of its rehabilitation (Maxime da Cruz) 537

Goldenberg, Claude. 2004. Successful school Change: creating settings to improve teaching and learning (Daniel H. Jarvis) 542

De Marrais, Kathleen and Stephen D. Lapan (eds.). 2004. Foundations for research. Methods of inquiry in education and the social sciences (Rick Kitto 543

Ching, Yue Ping. 2003. The student loans scheme in Hong Kong. Kim, Anna and Young Lee. 2003. A review of the student loans scheme in China. Ziderman, Adrian. 2003. Student loans in Thailand: are they effective, equitable, sustainable? (John Mace) 545

Plomp, Tjeerd, Rnald E. Anderson, Nancy Law, and Andreas Quale (eds.). 2003. Cross-national information and communication. Technology policy and practices in education (Christopher McIntosh) 548

Mcclintokk, Robbie. 2005. Homeless in the house of intellect: formative justice and educatio as an academic study (Carlos Ornelas) 549

Dendrinos, Bessie and Bessie Mitskopoulou (eds.). 2004. Policies of lingustic pluralism and the teaching of Languages in Europe. Grenfell, Michael, Michael Kelly and Diana Jones. 2003. The european languate teacher. Recent Trends and future developments in teacher education (Robert Phillipson) 551

Illeris, Knud. 2004. The three dimensions of learning (Julia Preece) 54

Brock-Utne, Birgit. 2003. Language of instruction in Tanzania and South Agrica (Zaline M. Roy-Campbell) 556

Smart, John C. (ed.). 2004. Higer education: handbook of theory and research. Volume XIX (Frank A. Schmidtlein) 558

Spring, Joel. 2003. Educating the consumer-citizen: a history of the marriage of schools, advertising and media (Danko Strajn) 560

Acknowledgments 563

Recent publicatons 565

The Unesco Institute for Educacion 573

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Author Index Vol. 51 583


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